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Although most men do not have an undersized penis, they underestimate themselves and are often concerned and unsatisfied with what they have. Numerous products, supplements, patches, creams, weight-training methods and special devices claim to offer the best male enhancement method, but how can somebody decide what to use? Having various ingredients, materials or basic principles, most male enhancement products are unsafe, expensive or inefficient. They could lead to irreparable damages or they may not work at all, even if the consumer will follow the directions and recommendations rigorously. SizeGenetics represents one of the best medical devices developed to increase the penis size and strengthen any curvature. Being produced with the highest quality of materials that ensure maximum comfort, SizeGenetics can be used in 58 different ways and can be accommodated to any size or shape. Being recommended by doctors as Type 1 Medical Device, SizeGenetics was initially produced to stimulate the healing process and development of penis after surgery. After a while, the doctors have noticed that only by making use of SizeGenetics, without undergoing surgical procedures, men will enlarge the penis length and girth and improve the quality of the erection as well. SizeGenetics works fast, it is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Due to fact it enables 58 different ways of wearing, this amazing penis extender can be used not only at home, but it can also be used at work, in the office. All you have to do is fix the plastic ring to the base of your penis and attached to the penile head the adaptable silicone ring. You may try more ways to wear it, but make sure you feel comfortable with it. As is written on the basic principle of SizeGenetics is traction. Having a brilliant and highly considered design, SizeGenetics works by applying a constant traction along penis length, stimulating the growth function of the penile. This constant pressure produced by the penis extender will force the penis to adapt, hence new cells will start developing. The pressure causes micro tears and stimulates growth of new cells around the muscle, making the penis bigger, firmer and harder in only a few months of use. But the consumers should use the device for at least 6 months to achieve the results and enlargement desired. SizeGenetics penis extender comes together with full instructions, exercises that improve and strengthen the erection and techniques that support having a better control when ejaculating, but which also improve the confidence in bed and boost the self-esteem of the consumers. The benefits of using SizeGenetics are undeniable: the device is affordable, highly effective, safe for health and risk-free to wear. By the end of the treatment, the consumers will gain up to 2 inches in penis length and almost 25% more in penis girth. Regardless if you want to improve the quality of your erection or if you just want to add one or two extra inches in penis length, SizeGenetics will provide you the results expected. Use SizeGenetics and become more confident in bed!

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