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Who does not want firm teenage breasts for life? I know this is hard to get and most of you think the surgery … but there are other methods. It really take more time and have practiced from time but paying off. Find some few tips and exercises offered by the site to have firm breasts and beautiful. Exercises to firm breasts: 1. Lie down on your back with knees bent and arms stretched sideways. Raise your arms, keeping them stretched until they reach chest with slow movements. You have to do 3 sets of 10 lifts. 2. Required for this exercise two dumbbells of 2 or 5 kg each. Lie on your back with arms extended at your sides, raise up the palms. Raise the arms slowly until the dumbbells reach chest and then slowly descends. Needed 3 sets of 10 lifting and lowering for great results. 3. Lying on your back with knees bent. Raise your arms straight while you hold the dumbbells until they reach chest level. Hold for five seconds and then down your arms, bending your elbows to side. Repeat this for 15 times. 4. Sitting on a chair, keep your back straight and arms at your sides. Gently lift arms until the dumbbells reach your hips. Hold for 5 seconds and back down arms. Repeat the exercise 15 times. 5. Stand facing a wall, raise your arms to chest level and supports palms on any wall. Bend your elbows and approach to the wall without moving your feet on the ground. Repeat the exercise 20 times. 6. Do 25 pushups. 7. Swimming is excellent to have firmer breasts. 8. Electrostimulation helps it to having fuller, firmer breasts. There are plenty of devices for electrotherapy in trade such as for electrical or belts butterflies. Tips 1. Make a shower alternating hot water with some cold water. Alternative showers will stimulate circulation. 2. Always use a suitable bra. Try to avoid push up bras; they raise the breasts, and ligaments will take a break and sit around. The most important is that your bra to keep your breasts in a natural and normal position. 3. Always use sunscreen with SPF when exposing yourself to the sun to prevent premature skin aging. 4. Weekly Use masks to strengthen breasts. You can also use a natural cream: passes a cucumber in any blender, then add one teaspoon of sour cream. Apply the resulting cream on the breasts and leave it for 15 minutes. 5. Use daily cream breast firming effect. 6. Try to sleep on your back to avoid putting too much weight on breasts when you sleep. 7. Avoid baths / showers very hot. 8. Massage your breasts daily with a moisturizer that contains vitamin E. Massage will help maintain breast firmness and vitamin E help maintain the skin’s elasticity, the breasts so they will not be. 9. Use Breast Actives, a complex designed to make your breasts bigger in a more natural way. Breast Actives offers breast firmness. You will not have to resort to surgery or wear ugly scars. Breast Actives will give big breasts and generous ones, just like you wanted.

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