Monthly Archives: July 2014

Know what the worst dreams are? For me, they’re dreams of book sales. No, seriously. I dreamed that I was at a huge secondhand store holding a going-out-of-business sale, and all of their 25c books were half off. I starting counting off shelves full of books by dollars, but halfway through I couldn’t remember if the books were eight for a buck or ten for a buck (my math’s not so good when I’m asleep), and then when I reached fifty dollars’ worth of paperbacks I realized I needed to go back and cull, but because it was a dream I couldn’t keep straight what I had already pulled aside for myself, or what books I already owned. And all the while I was trying to ignore that little voice in my head that insisted on pointing out that I already have more books than my shelves will hold, or that I can hope to finish in my lifetime at my current rate of consumption. (That part’s not a dream. That’s for real.) Speaking of such things, take a look at this: a sneak peek at the new incarnation of Disposable Lit Reviews. I hope to launch it for real tomorrow, assuming I have time to put the finishing touches on a new book review (seems silly to launch a new version of a site with all the same old content). And yes, the header image is a snap of some of the shelving here in Cold Fusion Media Central.

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